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What is Restaurant Insurance and what is the Minnesota Restaurant Insurance cost?

Owning a restaurant in Minnesota requires a large investment of both money and time. Protect your business with proper insurance protection.  Just one accident could take away everything you have worked so hard for, your dream. At Insuring Minnesota, we will help you put together a restaurant insurance plan that is customized to your business needs. Minnesota restaurant insurance cost starts at $500 per year.  It depends on gross sales, square footage and numerous other factors.

Restaurant insurance is package, or businessowners insurance policies designed to cover what restaurants need.  These can also be separate policies. General liability, property, business personal property, workers compensation, commercial auto, liquor liability, and business income.  A few other key ingredients are coverage for food spoilage, power interruption and crime.

What Types of Coverage’s Do Restaurant Policies Provide?

Restaurant insurance coverage can be defined as liability protection and coverage for physical property.  Liability coverage will protect you against bodily injury claims, such as a slip and fall, or if your restaurant was held responsible for property damage or personal injury.  Commonly referred to as general liability insurance, this is the first policy your Minnesota Restaurant would buy.

Coverage for your physical property, your building and business personal property is also important and, in many cases, required from a bank or lender. Coverage on an “All Risk” or “Special Form” basis is important to your business.  The difference between this and “Named Peril” coverage is the fact that “Named Peril” give you but a small list of covered things.  The “All-Risk” or “Special Form” gives you a small list of exclusions and everything else is covered. It is easy to see, this is your clear choice when purchasing Minnesota Restaurant Insurance.

What Kinds of Incidents Can Restaurant Policies Help Protect Against?

The types of things covered by your policy depend on what you purchased.  We already know that the primary insurance policies to buy are for liability and property. Common restaurant insurance risks are fire, theft, false advertising suits, disease outbreaks resulting from cross-contamination, alcohol-related injuries, and many other perils.

What Minnesota Restaurants Should Consider in a Restaurant Policy?

We recommend Minnesota restaurants purchase a businessowners policy verse a package policy. A restaurant package insurance policy is purchasing coverage’s separately (like choosing in a cafeteria line) and putting them in a bucket.  Where as a businessowners policy offers numerous different coverage’s bundled all together.  This means there are many bells and whistles included in the business owner’s policy and rates can be lower.  Limits and coverage can still be added or increased, but it is a far better to start with a BOP (businessowners policy).


How Can Restaurants Get Restaurant Insurance?


Most restaurant insurance policies are customized to individual restaurants’ needs.  We recommend restaurants in Minnesota work with an independent insurance agent when looking for Minnesota restaurant insurance.  They can offer you a choice in carriers, coverage, and pricing. A knowable agent will find you the best protection for your money and a plan that is right for you.

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